For our customers to have the most rewarding experience within our academic writing community, we usually recommend that they understand’s ordering process. This process starts once a customer submits an inquiry or places an order. Making an inquiry is similar to placing an order. However, when a customer makes an inquiry, they get a chance to make sure that we have the most qualified writer to work on their paper before they pay for it. Customers are requested to give detailed instructions when filling out the inquiry or order forms. This enables the writer to complete the paper without any clarification or revision requests. When a customer orders a paper or makes an inquiry for the first time, an account is created for them using the information they supply. After the account is set up, the customer can log in and:

  1. View and manage the completion process of the order. This involves checking the order’s status, providing supplementary materials that may help the writer, communicating with the writer and customer care representatives, approving the order, or asking for revisions.
  2. View other orders and track their history.
  3. Change their profile
  4. Chat with the support staff members.

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How It Works?

Below is how our system works.

Place an Order

You can place an order through our order page by filling in your project details, after which you will be required to pay an amount that is dependent on the various variables that determine the pricing. You can also create an account with your detail on the same page. In case you experience any issues, please email us or use the chat facility to reach us.

We Assign a Suitable Writer

Based on your project requirements, we strive to match your order with the right research writer that specializes in the discipline of the paper required.

Order Timely Delivered

Our turn-around time is always dictated by the time requirement you provide when making your order. We make sure the paper is ready before the deadline provided. An email is always sent when your paper is ready, and a PDF version is provided to you for review.

At any one given time, an order should bear any of the statuses explained below:

  1. Inquiry: An order bears this status immediately after the customer makes an inquiry.
  2. Waiting for Payment: An order bears this status when a customer has made an order but has not paid for it or has requested additional work that requires an extra payment.
  3. Looking for a Writer: An order bears this status once a customer has ordered and paid, and we are searching for the writer best suited to work on it.
  4. In Progress: An order bears this status when an appropriate writer is found and assigned to write the paper.
  5. Checking for Plagiarism: An order bears this status after the writer has finished working on it and uploaded it, and it is being checked by anti-plagiarism software.
  6. Delivered: An order bears the status ‘Delivered’ once the finished paper has successfully passed through the anti-plagiarism software, and it has been checked by the support team and uploaded to the customer as a locked preview Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The customer cannot edit, copy, or print the paper in its preview form. The preview gives the customer a chance to make sure that the product received meets all their requirements. After inspecting the locked version, the customer can take either of the following actions: approve it or request that it be set on revision. If the customer does not take either of the actions, the order will continue to bear the ‘Delivered’ status for two weeks, after which it is approved automatically.
  7. Revision in Progress: An order bears this status when a customer asks that the paper be revised. In such a case, the writer is contacted and asked to revise the paper in accordance with our Revision Policy.
  8. Approved: An order bears this status once the customer views the locked version and confirms that the quality of the product is satisfactory by clicking on the ‘Approve’ button. The order can also be automatically approved if it bears the ‘Delivered’ status for a fortnight without any action from the client. After the order’s approval, the customer can obtain the completed paper in an unlocked, editable version of MS Word. However, the customer reserves the right to request free revisions within seven (7) days of approval of the order. However, we treat revision requests received seven (7) days after a client has approved their order as new orders, and the client may be asked to pay an additional fee.
  9. Dispute: If a customer feels that the quality of the paper they received does not satisfy them, they can request free revisions or ask that the order be reassigned to another writer. They can also ask the support members to set the order on a ‘Dispute’ status, and the paper will be forwarded to the Dispute Resolution Panel for resolution. However, before asking that an order be set on ‘Dispute,’ a customer should take note of these points.
  10. Canceled: An order bears this status after a client has withdrawn it. Any refund a client should receive after cancelation is subject to our Money-Back Guarantee Policy. The customer care staff members can also set the order on this status if they have reasonable grounds. For instance, if a customer submits an inquiry and then fails to respond to communication for a long time, it could be canceled since it is assumed that the customer is no longer interested in our services.

If a customer has questions or suggestions concerning the procedure of ordering papers from, they can always contact us. Our team of dedicated customer care staff is always willing to assist.

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