Satisfying your needs is one of’s core values. We record high rates of customer satisfaction and retention. As such, it is rare for customers to request their money back. However, a situation may arise where you feel that you would like us to offer you a refund. Most custom writing companies promise to give refunds to customers, but they do not have Money-back Guarantee Policies. To heighten your satisfaction, has a policy that clearly defines circumstances under which refunds are offered. Our Money-back Guarantee Policy is composed of two sections:

  1. Prior the approval of the preview version of the paper
  2. After approving the order

Prior to the Approval of the Preview Version of the Paper

You can receive a full (100%) refund under four conditions:

  1. Cancelation of an order you just placed, and we have not assigned it to a writer.
  2. You made a mistake while making the order’s payment, e.g., paying twice.
  3. We are unable to get a writer for your paper.
  4. We are late to deliver your paper, and it is no longer of any use to you. In case of such an occurrence, we will refund your money, but we will not give you the paper. In addition, we will not allow you to use any document related to the order that had already been delivered. Please note that this condition does not hold for orders that are late due to revisions.

You are entitled to a 70% refund under the following condition:

  1. Cancelation of an order after less than a ½ of the deadline has expired. We cannot issue a full (100%) refund in such a case because a writer will have already begun working on your order, and we will need to pay the writer for the work done.

You are entitled to a 50% refund under the following conditions:

  1. Cancelation of an order after more than half the deadline has expired.
  2. We are unable to get a writer who qualifies to handle your order.

You are entitled to an indefinite percentage refund under the following conditions:

  1. The order is late on delivery, but you still need it. In such a case, we will offer a refund due to lateness. When a paper is late on delivery, we determine its new price by calculating the price that should be charged within the time frame we delivered it. For example, if a $33 paper with a 1-day deadline is delivered after 2 days, and the cost of the same order is $30 under a 2-day deadline, we will refund you $3, which is equivalent to $33- $30.
  2. If you feel that the quality of the paper we delivered is not satisfactory, you can ask for free revisions or request that another writer be assigned to work on your order. Also, you may request our customer support representatives to set the order on ‘‘dispute status.’’ To set an order on ‘‘dispute status,’’ log in to your account and write this comment on the order: “I would like you to set this order on ‘‘dispute status”. After setting an order on ‘‘dispute status,’’ you may request a refund. However, note that:
    • You must have credible reasons to back up your dispute claim.
    • We will need time for dispute resolution as we have to forward the order to the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) and communicate with the writer. In certain cases, the QAD may ask you for materials to prove the credibility of your dispute.
    • We have not set a definite refund percentage for orders on dispute because most customers who ask us to place their orders on dispute do so because of unique circumstances that should be evaluated uniquely. We study cases individually and make a decision on the amount of money that should be refunded.
    • If the QAD requests you to provide them with materials/documents or information to help in dispute resolution, and you do not avail the materials/documents within fourteen days, we will nullify the dispute, and no money will be refunded.

After Approving the Order

When we upload a preview version of a finished order on your order page, you have a grace period of fourteen (14) days to approve the work or put the paper on revision. If you fail to take action in fourteen (14) days, we will approve the order automatically. After approving the order, you will be able to download its editable version.

You are permitted to ask for as many revisions as you wish. However, after you click the ‘Approve’ option, it will be assumed that you have read through the preview version. Approval of an order confirms that you are happy and satisfied with the service we provided, and you have no complaints. It is impossible to request a partial or full refund after the approval of an order. However, you may request a revision of your assignment after you approve the order, and seven (7) days are not yet over.

If you have not read through the preview version, please do not approve the order. Please note that you need to be certain that your order is satisfactory prior to approving it. If you face any difficulties viewing the preview version, do not hesitate to ask for help from our customer support representatives.

Please note that you cannot use the order we delivered to you after we give you a full (100%) refund or any other materials that we may have forwarded to you. All the materials related to that order become the property of, and we may use them in any way we consider suitable, including publishing the order on our website as a sample, meaning that a scan for plagiarism will result in 100% plagiarism, indicating that the paper was wholly copied from our website.